Cycling Sizing Guide


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Our cycling collections cater to a range of riders - some items are designed to be more fitted than others.


Please use this table for our measurement range. Then, you can narrow your range depending on your choice of collection.

Collection Fit Explained

Apex Collection

If you want the best, most technical, aerodynamic, and fastest kit. Apex is intended for athletes who want the best with all of the features Champion System offers.

These garments are designed to be form fitting.

Performance Collection

If you are looking for fast, technical, and comfortable do-it-all garments., the Performance Collection is the way to go. It provides the best balance between performance, quality, and comfort.

These garments are designed to be fit slightly loose.

Tech Collection

If you want affordable quality and the right fit, the Tech Collection offers quality entry-level garments, with great features at a competitive price.

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**Long Length - you can specify a long length option for an added 1.5in at no extra charge.