Minimum Orders & Pricing

Champion System have no minimums – well almost! You need to order at least one main item! Not only do not have minimum requirements, we provide discounted pricing depending on your order size.

How does discounted pricing work? 

We set our pricing based on the quantities you want to order. We determine this by measuring UNITS.

What is a UNIT?

All of our main items such as jerseys, singlets, shorts, and jackets are classified as 1 UNIT.
All of our accessories can be ordered in 5 item blocks - also equal to one UNIT.


    CS1 -  (regular price x 2)  - A CS1 order equates to a range of 1-4 units (regular price X 2)
    • 1 x Jersey, 1 x Tri Top, 5 Socks = 3 Units

    CS5 - (regular price X 1.5) - A CS5 order equates to a range of 5-9 units and qualifies for a discount on CS1 quantities 
    • 4 x Jerseys, 2 x Bib Shorts, 5 x Socks, 5 x Arm Warmers = 8 Units

    CS10 - (regular price)  - Our most common option and the best value for money. CS10 equates to 10 + Units and qualifies for our CS10 discount 
    • 6 x Tri Tops, 2 x Tri Shorts, 5 x Visors, 5 x Socks = 10 Units

    ACCESSORY ONLY ORDER - Just want to order a bunch of socks or some caps? No problems! We just need 10 Units of accessories.
    • 20 x Socks, 10 x Arm Warmers, 10 x Leg Warmers, 10 x Caps = 10 Units
    • 50 x Socks = 10 Units